Home Videos VIDEO: Gunman Refusing To Drop Weapon Shot, Killed By Police In Paterson

VIDEO: Gunman Refusing To Drop Weapon Shot, Killed By Police In Paterson


WATCH: A gunman who refused to drop his weapon in a confrontation with Paterson police died of his injuries after they shot him Thursday afternoon.

Cellphone video ( above ) shows the suspect lifting the gun several times, refusing to drop it, as he paced the intersection of Carroll and Harrison streets surrounded by officers around 4:15 p.m.

At times he holds it with both hands and points it at the converging officers.

“I’m giving him all these opportunities,” one says as the gunman refuses to relent.

“This m*therf*ck*r got a death wish,” says one of several witnesses who either stopped their cars or came running, their cellphones recording the confrontation. “He better put that gun down before they shoot his ass….He’s raised it numerous times.”

“They got all right to shoot him — he ain’t putting the gun down,” another is heard saying.

Officers advance from cover behind vehicles toward the gunman as some witnesses yell at them to take him out.

“Hey, yo, kill that [expletive]!” one yells. “Light his ass up!”

Moments later, standing against a utility pole, the unidentified man lifts the gun again and points it at an officer barely 50 feet from him.

A burst of gunfire from police follows.

The gun falls from his hand and he crumples at the corner.

“He wouldn’t f**kin’ put that sh*t down,” ones of the witnesses is heard saying.

An Advanced Life Support Unit was summoned, but the gunman succumbed to his injuries.

No police were injured.

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal said the state Integrity Bureau within the Office of Public Integrity and Accountability and the New Jersey State Police Homicide Unit were investigating the incident, which is standard practice when a death occurs during an encounter with a law enforcement officer.


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