Home Videos Jamarion Robinson: 76 Bullets And A Mother’s Quest For Justice

Jamarion Robinson: 76 Bullets And A Mother’s Quest For Justice

Jamarion Robinson: 76 Bullets And A Mother’s Quest For Justice

On August 5, 2016, Jamarion Robinson was shot and killed by U.S. Marshals in East Point, GA within Metro-Atlanta. They had been pursuing a man who allegedly shot at a police officer the week before. A battering ram was used to gain entry into the home and upon entry, marshals began firing their weapons. A neighbor captured the incident on video, but from outside, where you can hear a barrage of gunfire. Out of the 95 shots that were fired, 76 of those bullets hit Jamarion. When relatives arrived on the scene, they were shown a picture of the man marshals had been searching for and they noticed the man in the picture was not Jamarion. Ever since, family and loved ones, along with the community, have been fighting for justice.


  1. Can a brother get the whole story this don’t tell me nothing !!!! Why where they looking for him ? What was the reason they started shooting? If he a pedophile or a murderer good riddance. But if the got the brother for some weed or child support that’s fucked up

      • I went to the city paper and read it y’all know this site shit be half baked. They shot the right one for one and two the brother was bipolar schizophrenic hearing voices statement from grandmother. Also he had been shooting through the door at them from independent witnesses, part of the video is on city news website. Google brother name. Speak the truth even if it’s against thine self my people

    • Also they said the marshal’s showed a picture of the man they were looking for and his family immediately stated that wasn’t Jamarion

  2. …but there’s a video of a white man charging a cop with a weapon. He got tazed.

    Black man accused of killing a cop is marked for death. They’re not looking to arrest.

  3. Not surprising. Police created to retrieve runaway slaves. I don’t understand how people can expect any different from swine ?


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