Home Videos Flashback: Malcolm X – The Truth About Muslims

Flashback: Malcolm X – The Truth About Muslims

Flashback: Malcolm X – The Truth About Muslims


  1. Muslims and Christian’s are the worst..Wolves in sheep clothes.
    They both have killed and enslaved more innocent people than any tyrant rulers combined. They both have centuries of Africans blood spilling out of their mouth.. Like a Vampire religious BEAST! Wake up people! Wake up!
    Religion gives the elusion of control..but reality is your being controlled for a blood lust appetite each book encourages in it’s teachings.

          • Research it asshole… One thing Christian’s and Muslims do well is record their evil…arrogance!!
            Muslims wrote all the hell they did against innocents of the earth..CONVERT or DIE! Both preach love though…lol! Power makes you blood lustful..
            Then you highlight the moments of peace to hide your evil… But blood stains never go away especially when you write them down…lol lol!
            Don’t be mad at me… Truth stands stronger then anything I can say.
            Go read! Blood lust for centuries!!
            Still killing as we chat…lol! Both

  2. Blah-blah-blah…propagandist at it again. The facts around this controversy are debatable but what isn’t debatable is that Malcolm was a two bit, low-life, hustling criminal and ex-con when he began studying the teaching of Elijah Muhammad and was transformed into an internationally respected leader. What other black organization can a former felon become a respected leader on the world stage?…i’ll wait. If you gon cut a man down on the basis of rumor at least have the balls to lift his good deeds as well. Elijah Muhammad’s work lives to this very day proof that the value and success of his teaching is unparalleled . Btw, Elijah Muhammad was not “adulterous” as those were his wives.


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