Home Videos Some Of Baltimore’s Worst Neighborhoods

Some Of Baltimore’s Worst Neighborhoods

Some Of Baltimore’s Worst Neighborhoods

A ride through Baltimore’s worst neighborhoods.


  1. Soon as we all leave whites will be back buying up whole blocks for malls, stadiums and high rise condos. Yup instead of buying the hood up we destroy it and give the white man the most valuable real estate in the city.

    • Sad shit. And I hear our people constantly bragging about who’s city goes the hardest, as in the most violent. There are no other people like us bruh…fucked up mentalities & priorities.

    • All that driving down the block, and not 1 cop car..
      not 1 decent road, light pole, and side walk
      un-kept vacant houses, that’s boarded up..
      In every mid and upper class area the state takes care of all the above..
      In low income areas, they let it turn to shit till the bank can foreclose on the property.

      In those kind of projects people don’t own the houses, they pay rent.. As long as the landlord is getting rent $$,, They aint worried about painting or fixing shit..

      Investing in real estate is good and all but I’m not so sure about areas that’s rigged for you to fail..


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